Dancing to the Beattie Beat

47 dancers, grades 8-12 from Beattie School of the Arts, took  part in a large Flash Mob at Aberdeen Mall October 15th, 2014.

The Blanket Exercise

Judy Dunn and Noreen Pankewich visited Rolynda Simpson’s Grade 7 class (Juniper Ridge Elementary) recently to share the experiential education of historical treaty-making, colonization, and...

Canadian Math Champ at Dufferin

Jodh Singh Nahal from Dufferin Elementary School was the winner of the Mathematica Centrum Byron-Germain National Math competition for 2014.

Cultural Collaboration in Clay

A unique partnership was set up between Lloyd George Elementary and South Kamloops Secondary art students this past spring. Students of Lisa Yamaoka's Art 11 class and Sonia Lafleur's Grade 4...

Tier 2 Boys Basketball City Champions

The Kay Bingham Mustangs Boys Basketball Team is the 2014 Tier 2 City Champion. The team is comprised of boys in grades 4 to 6 and was coached by Gino Covaceuszach .  Congratulations!

Young People's Concert Series - Grupo America

Four times each year students across School District #73 attend Young People's Concerts to enhance or compliment the fine arts curriculum in schools. 

Rayleigh Elementary Pictograph Project

On April 7, 2014, Rayleigh Elementary celebrated the Day of Secwentwecw.  Tina Donald and Garry Gottfiedson both came to the school to share their knowledge and traditions, as well as to...


SD No. 73 students meet standards to receive internationally-recognized certification with the DELF examination. The Diplôme d'études en langue française is a four-part exam, including an...

Canadian illustrator Susan Mitchell

Canadian children's book illustrator Susan Mitchell shared her craft and  techniques with over 1000 Kamloops/Thompson students during Book Week from  May 5th-May 9th. Susan talked about...

Young Authors’ Conference 2014

A District Tradition for 35 Years!