School Catchment Boundaries

Following a public consultation process in 2010, the Board of Education approved implementation of new school catchment areas within the City of Kamloops.  Starting September 2011, the catchment area boundries are in effect for all schools.

Interactive Catchment Maps

METHOD 1: Outlining a catchment area

Use the City of Kamloop's property information finder on-line to enter a residential address and obtain the school that residence belongs to. Select "Find Address", then click on view property report.

METHOD 2: Tell me the school my child should attend.

Alternatively, if you supply a home street address, the maps can tell you which school your child should attend. First, select the appropriate catchment (elementary, secondary, or immersion) then display the catchment area for ANY school (refer to method 1 above). Once the catchment area is displayed, select "Find Address" located in the menu bar above the map. Enter your street address. Make sure you use the proper naming conventions for road, street, crescent and so forth as described in the instructions. Press SEARCH. You will be shown the street level view of the address entered and the name of the school your child should be attending.