Yearly Calendars

2017/2018 Calendars

At this time calendars for the upcoming school year (2017/18) will not be available until March 2017. We apologize for any inconvenience this delay may cause. The process for developing the calendars was approved at the public meeting of the Board of Education held September 26, 2016. As part of this process the District will be consulting with employee groups, parents and community members. If you have any questions, please call the School Board Office (250-374-0679).

Non-Instructional Days

**Please note two new dates have been added for 2015/2016





Days in session




Minimum number of days of instruction




Maximum number of non-instructional days




Labour Day

Monday, Sept. 1st

Monday, Sept. 7th

Monday, Sept. 5th

Schools open

Tuesday, Sept. 2nd

Tuesday, Sept. 8th

Tuesday, Sept. 6th

District Non-Instructional Day

Monday, Nov 10th

Friday, Sept. 25th

Friday, Sept. 23rd

Thanksgiving Day

Monday, Oct. 13th

Monday, Oct. 12th

Monday, Oct. 10th

District Non-Instructional Day

Friday, Oct. 24th

Friday, Oct. 23th

Friday, Oct. 21st

Remembrance Day Closure

Tuesday, Nov. 11th

Wednesday, Nov. 11th

Friday, Nov. 11th

District Non-Instructional Day

Friday, Dec. 5th

Monday, Dec. 7th

Monday, Dec. 5th

Winter vacation period

Dec. 22nd – Jan. 2nd

Dec. 21st – Jan. 1st

Dec. 19th – Jan. 2nd

Schools Reopen

District Non-Instructional Day

Monday, Jan. 5th


Monday, Jan. 4th

Friday, Jan. 22nd

Tuesday, Jan. 3rd

Friday, Jan 20th

Family Day

Monday, Feb. 9th

Monday, Feb. 8th

Monday, Feb. 13th

District Non-Instructional Day

Friday, Feb. 20th

Friday, Feb. 19th

Friday, Feb. 24th

Spring vacation period

March 16th - March 27th

March 21st - April 1st

March 20th - March 31st

Good Friday

Friday, April 3rd

Friday, March 25th

Friday, April 14th

Easter Monday

Monday, April 6th

Monday, March 28th

Monday, April 17th

District Non-Instructional Day

District Non-Instructional Day


Monday, April 20th

Monday, April 4th

Monday, April 18th


Monday, April 24th

District Non-Instructional Day

Monday, May 11th

Monday, May 16th

Monday, May 15th

Victoria Day

Monday, May 18th

Monday, May 23th

Monday, May 22nd

Administrative day

Friday, June 26th

Thursday, June 30th

Friday, June 30th