2017 Young Authors' Conference

2017 Young Authors' Conference

On May 5, 250 grades 4 to 12 students from all over the region gathered for the Young Authors’ Conference at TRU. Students attended writing workshops hosted by Nicola I. Campbell, Bonita Forsyth, Darren Groth, Danielle Mathieson Pederson, James McCann, Yolanda Ridge, Willie Sellars, Dennis Staginnus, Tiffany Stone, Crystal Stranaghan, Tom Van Welleghem, and Tamara Vukusic.

Students learned about different ways to approach the writing process as they developed their skills in poetry, historical fiction, novel-writing, journalism, and more.

As always, the Young Authors’ Conference ended with a tribute to the year’s top writers. Congratulations to all our young authors!

Elementary Recipient of Marg van Duesen Award

  • Adam Vukusic, Grade 6, Aberdeen Elementary: “Until the Bell Rang”

Honorable mentions

  • Gr. 4 - Allie Piroddi, Kamloops School of the Arts: “The Magical Secret of Elvis Trolley”
  • Gr. 5 - Quilla Decker, Lloyd George Elementary: “The Wish”
  • Gr. 6 - Paige Foidart, A.E. Perry Elementary: "The Essence of Who We Are"
  • Gr. 7 - Fyfer Brookes-Gillingham, Pinantan Elementary: "The Window"

Secondary Recipient of Marg van Duesen Award

  • Maggie Jones, Gr. 9, South Kamloops Secondary: “Icarus” and “[remember]”

Honorable mentions

  • Gr. 8 - Lauren Fulton, South Kamloops Secondary: "Cricket"
  • Gr. 9 - Mary Pinette, South Kamloops Secondary: "Aurelius"
  • Gr. 10 - Talia Wiens, South Kamloops Secondary: "The Young Rebels"
  • Gr. 11 - MacKenzie Sewell, South Kamloops Secondary: “Paper Things”
  • Gr. 12 - Raifta Cameron, NorKam Secondary: "Memories of Man"

The digital 2017 YAC Anthology (with student manuscripts) will soon be posted on the Young Authors’ Conference website: http://sd73youngauthors.weebly.com/