The Art of Biology

The Art of Biology presents a unique collaboration between the SKSS Biology 12 and Sculpture 10-12 students by exploring the wonders of science through the eyes of artists

Beginning with an invitation to create artwork based on questions posed in small groups of biology students, art students designed whimsical celebrations of both science and art.  The exhibition, alongside scientific explanations of the working systems of the human body, presents project work centered on inquiry-based questions. These informative and visual collaborations attempt to impart an understanding of the wonders of the human body.  In addition, students share connections between often separate areas of study in our upcoming presentation of learning:  The Art of Biology.

Please join these students for their opening reception:
The Art of Biology
Investigation & Artistic Interpretations of the Human Body
A Collection of Original Student Artworks & Inquiry Research by
SKSS Sculpture & Ceramic 10-12 & Biology 12 Students
SKSS Cafeteria
Wednesday, January 18th, 2017