Big Buddy Program at Dallas Sparks Creativity and Imagination!

Mrs. Chelcy Ross (grade 4/5) and Mrs. Tessa Watson (kindergarten) have teamed up to create a Big Buddy Program.  They meet once a week to complete tasks that explore students own interests.  Students are given time to build something collaboratively with no directions or restrictions.  They call it “Genius Hour.”

Recently, they focused on the cardboard challenge inspired by Caine's Arcade:  Together, students used their creativity and imagination to design and create their very own arcade games.  

To present their final products, students hosted an “Arcade Extravaganza.”  Visitors listened to presentations and took part in the games.  Students sold popcorn for $2.00 a bag to make their projects have more of an impact globally.  Students raised over $400!  All proceeds went to support villages in Kenya, with a focus on food.