FreeNX Computer Connect

Computer Connect

Since 2006 School District 73 has offered students and staff access to their files, applications and printers from home.  In fact students and staff can securely log into their school from almost any computer connected to the Internet to get work done!


* Have you ever left a file or assignment at school and needed it at home?
* Have you ever been frustrated with mismatched versions of software between school and home?
* Are you tired of packing around laptops and usb storage devices and trying to figure out which copy of the file is up-to-date?

ConvenientFreeNX Computer Connect allows you to:

  • Sit at any computer, at any time, anywhere in the world and access your documents.
  • Save time, money and the environment by not having to commute back to school to pick up a file.
  • Have the exact same desktop and software at home as you do at school.
  • Not waste time and money upgrading and maintaining software at home.
  • Have a single copy of your document at school.  Stop messing around with multiple copies on USB drives.  Stop messing around with emailing documents to yourself.


Secure* Are you worried about security?
Connecting to the school computers is encrypted end-to-end.  Students and staff must log in using their personal username and password.  Once logged in they only have access to their personal desktop and files.


Broken USB Disk* Have you ever lost work due to home computer, laptop, or usb drive failures?
When these home devices fail:

  • Time and energy is wasted re-creating lost documents!
  • Deadlines are missed!
  • It's just plain embarrassing!

When students and staff log in to the school system - their work is safe:

  • We provide nightly off-site backups.
    • Students and staff can request previous versions of their documents be restored.
    • If an accident occors at the school their documents are safely stored at two different off-site buildings.
  • RAID10We provide duplicated on-site storage (RAID).
    • When hard drives die - nothing is lost.
  • We provide fast hardware repair and replacement.
    • Both servers and classroom workstations can be replaced within a few minutes to a few hours.

How do I connect?

  1. You must have a computer account at your school: (username and password).
  2. Go to and log in.

You can find links to FreeNX Computer Connect:

  • SD73 website: In the footer.
  • SD73 website: On the Students and Staff pages.
  • Some school websites: On the side bar.