Heritage Fair

What is the Heritage Fair?

According to the Mirriam Webster dictionary, heritage can be defined as the traditions, achievements, beliefs, etc., that are part of the history of a group or nation.  The Kamloops/Thompson Regional Heritage Fair provides the students of School Districts 73, 27, 58, and 83  with an opportunity to tell their stories and/or share information about their personal or family history, some meaningful aspect of their community, or an important Canadian event or hero that is important to them.

A Heritage Fair is a multi-media educational program developed to increase awareness and interest in Canadian history, unique community events and/or family culture.  Students may choose any combination of media to present their learning, including three-dimensional projects, creative writing, performance and/or audio-visual work

Participating schools host their own fairs to showcase the hard work and effort that go into these projects.  Individual projects are chosen from these fairs to be represented at the Regional Fair in May.  Students who are selected to go the Fair in May will present their project to, and have it evaluated by, community judges.  The following day, the students are treated to a whole host of fun-filled learning activities which highlights the historical significance of various aspects of Kamloops and its surrounding areas.s.

Each year, a few students are chosen to represent the Kamloops/Thompson Region at the Provincial Heritage Fair, which takes place in a different city each year, and will take place in Kamloops this year at the Henry Grube Education Center - 245 Kitchener Crescent.

An additional activity linked to the Kamloops/Thompson Regional Heritage Fair is the annual stamp competition.  This competition involves students designing a stamp which celebrates something historically significant at either the municipal, provincial or national level.  These stamps are accompanied by a piece of writing which explains why the subject was chosen, as well as some relevant historical information.  Winning stamps are posted during the Kamloops/Thompson Regional Heritage Fair, and one stamp is chosen to be the logo on the t-shirt that all students will be wearing at the Fair.


  • Stamp Contest: Entries are due to the Henry Grube Library or Darcy Martin at Aberdeen Elementary by TBA by 4:30.
  • Registration:
  • Regional Fair:  May 11 and 12, 2017
  • Provincial Fair: