Honor Concert Band and Honor Choir

Every year, many of the finest student musicians from SD73 secondary schools form a Concert Band and a Concert Choir who perform at a gala concert under the direction of acclaimed guest conductors.  Students are auditioned by district music teachers and then attend four evening rehearsals in October, followed by three full day rehearsals with the guest directors.  For 2015, Dr. Gerald King from the University of Victoria and Ms. Fiona Blackburn from Vancouver inspired and challenged the student musicians. The students showcased their work at an evening concert at the Sagebrush Theatre on November 3rd.

The quality of music and friendships formed during this event make it a unique experience that will be a highlight of the year.  Students are challenged both musically and personally and take their new knowledge and enthusiasm with them back to their school band and choir. Here are some quotes by students who participated in the event in past years:

In the past few days I feel like I’m improved as a musician.  I think this happened because you (Mr. McIntyre) expected no less than perfection.  This was hard but I’m walking away with higher standards for myself.  This was fun.

I felt that a lot of people found not only their singing voices but their inner voices as well. When I was up on stage I felt that the entire choir, director, piano player and all were all on the same page, we were one, and Tony really made that happen. It was such a great experience, the best choir experience actually and I hope I can be apart of it again next year.

Now for all of the students who are considering joining an honour band, here is my advice.  JOIN IT!!  Being in an honour band is an amazing experience.  Being in a room full of intelligent people is very rewarding and makes you feel more confident about yourself.  You get to play some amazing pieces of music and performing them feels like you have accomplished something amazing.  It feels like you are on top of the world and you feel like you can play anything that is thrown your way.  In my opinion you will be able to look back on this years from now and still remember the night you felt like you could do anything.