Kamloops Thompson Honour Choir

Kamloops Thompson Honour Choir

KTHC and KTCC Mission Statement:

"To share the joy of learning and performing top calibre choral music in a positive, encouraging atmosphere."

This year marks the 40 th anniversary of the Kamloops Thompson Honour Choirs' commitment to fostering choral appreciation and excellence among the children of this community.  Formed in 1975 by Mrs. Marion Owens, the School District’s music coordinator at the time,  KTHC offers musically gifted children an opportunity to learn, develop skills and appreciate a vast selection of choral music.  During their tenure with the choir, children learn the skills necessary to work as part of a team while developing their performance skills, music knowledge and self confidence.

The choir is sponsored in part by School District No. 73, as well as the Kamloops Thompson Honour Choir not-for-profit society.  Membership is by audition and there are approximately 54 members comprising of students in Grades 5 to 8 from throughout the Kamloops/Thompson School District.  KTHC is a high calibre choral group and has represented their community honourably in different Canadian cities such as Ottawa, Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Victoria, and Whistler.  They have received numerous awards and acknowledgements including receiving a 1st place award at the Performing Arts BC and a 2nd place award from the National Performing Arts Festival.  The choir regularly competes in the Kamloops Performing Arts Festival, as well as the Kiwanis Festival in Kelowna and tours every spring.

KTHC is currently directed by Mrs. Christy Gauley.  Both directors are music specialists who volunteer their talents, skills and time.  KTHC meets every Tuesday afternoon at the Henry Grube Center to rehearse a well rounded repertoire of choral music.  In 2011, the choir had the exciting opportunity of being the chorus in Western Canada Theatre’s production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  KTHC has many dedicated parents who volunteer to raise the funds necessary to provide uniforms, accompanists, sheet music, instruments, clinician fees, transportation and operating costs. 

The Kamloops Thompson Children’s Choir was formed as a preparatory choir to the honour choir.  Membership is also by audition and includes students in Grades 3 and 4.  With approximately 40 singers, this choir is directed by Ms. Jennica Alpaugh.  KTCC also meets every Tuesday afternoon at the Henry Grube Center to rehearse their choral music.  Both choirs perform together twice a year, in December and in the spring.  Both choirs also tour various schools in our School District in April.  This allows the choirs to showcase their talents, develop confidence in performing for their peers and encourage other students to pursue future memberships with the choir. 

Goals of the Choir:

  • To encourage children’s musical, social and intellectual growth by learning, rehearsing, and performing a broad range of choral music composed for children’s choirs.
  • To perform in Christmas and Spring Concerts and at several Community Events.
  • To tour within the School District to raise awareness and interest in choral performance and to encourage new enrolment.
  • To work with other provincial honour choirs to encourage high choral performance standards.
  • To act as ambassadors for Kamloops while touring throughout the Province and Country.
  • To undertake various fundraising activities to enable choir members to raise funds for their expenses.