Opie Oppenheim visits Logan Lake Secondary

Opie Oppenheim visits Logan Lake Secondary

The English 10 class at Logan Lake Secondary hosted a special guest in support of their current unit of study and its driving question- 'What Shapes Your Identity?'. Opie Oppenheim, Elder, visual artist, jewelry carver, comedian, inventor, healer, motivational speaker and north american flute maker spoke about the events in his life that helped shape who he is. As a Kamloops Indian Residential School survivor, he explained how he exercises forgiveness and compassion allowing him to live a healthy, vibrant life. Having endured addictions and abuse, to others and himself, he has worked diligently to cope with adversity and proudly advocates healing, by using candour and humour about overcoming challenges.

“Am I healing from Residential School?
No. I'm healed.
When you are healed there is no pain.
Handle it or it will handle you.”

Opie Oppenheim

“Opie's words were so inspirational.
He can find the light in the darkest times of his life.”

Hannah Munro - Grade 10 student