Ruth Sutton

The beginning of a career in education, for Ruth Sutton, was as a high school teacher in Manchester, England.  After a year's teaching exchange in Ohio, she worked for three years as a vice-principal, five years as an assessment consultant in a school district and two years as Assistant Superintendent. 

In 1988, Ruth took the plunge into self-employment and since then has been engaged in fascinating consultancy.  She specilizes in assessment for learning and improvement - the context could be the classroom, teacher evaluation or whole school review.  Recently she has been employed as in-house leadership coach in several United Kingdom high schools facing challenging circumstances.

In Canada, her most sustained work has been with the Inner City District of the Winnipeg School Division, introducing Feedback for Learning to all the district's schools.  The goal has been sustainability and a change in the ways teachers, learners and schools do business.  This work was published in 2006 as Creating Independent Student Learners (Portage and Main Press, Winnipeg).

Information on Ruth's presentation can be found here.  Ruth's presentation can be viewed here.