SD73 Zimbra

SD73 Zimbra

School District 73 uses an Enterprise Email and Collaboration system called Zimbra.  This email program allows everyone in the district the ability to share notes, Calendars and documents from work, home or the summer cottage.  In addition, it allows the ability to synchronize people's information with their hand held devices like Blackberrys and iPhones. 

Zimbra is an Open Source product which was just recently acquired by VmWare.  Its ease of use, ability to be compatible with Windows, Linux and Apple computers, and it's low infrastructure overhead are just some of the reasons why the school district chose this platform.

Converting the entire district from the old legacy email systems to the new Zimbra took just under a year to complete, and as of August 1st 2010, everyone in the district was converted.  Permanent retirement of the legacy email systems happened in mid October of 2010.