Stories that Live in the Present

Stories that Live in the Present, Kamloops 2018 exhibition and fundraiser celebrates the 12th year of this unique opportunity for youth to represent our community through artistic vision.

Beginning with a field trip and tour by Keely Bland (Museum Educator) at the Kamloops Museum & Archives, South Kamloops Secondary art students consider the importance of local history.  Student artists engage in a personal artistic inquiry that identifies, reflects on, and captures the unique and richly diverse community voices of the region.  Our focus is to share visual narratives that reflect on how acknowledging and knowing the past is significant as Kamloops moves towards the future.

After this collection of acrylic paintings were completed, images for the printed calendar and cards were selected from a special community jury:  Keely Bland, Kamloops Museum & Archives; Christina Gauley, SD73 Arts Education Coordinator; Mr. Peter Persad, SKSS Vice Principal and Ms. Michelle Mattes, SKSS Vice Principal. 

In addition, printed calendars and cards will be available for sale as a fundraiser at the Kamloops Art Gallery Store, The Art We Are, Kamloops Museum & Archives and South Kamloops Secondary School Main office. Proceeds from the sales of the calendar and card fundraiser will support a donation to the BC Interior Community Foundation and future SKSS Visual Arts student initiatives.

On behalf of the Visual Arts Department at South Kamloops Secondary School, we would like to sincerely thank all the members of our school and community that helped make this project possible.