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StrongStart BC comes to a neighbourhood near you!  School District 73 (Kamloops/Thompson) is home to seven StrongStart BC Early Learning Centres. This early learning initiative is funded by the Ministry of Education and operated by School District 73. StrongStart BC is a free, drop-in early learning program for preschool aged children accompanied by a parent or caregiver.

The purpose of StrongStart BC Centres is to provide school-based, high quality early learning programs for children younger than school age accompanied by a parent or caregiver. StrongStart BC Centres are designed to provide opportunities for parents and caregivers to observe and practice activities that support early learning, and to meet and make connections with other families attending the centre.

Parents and caregivers attending StrongStart Centres can expect to participate in story time, play activities, gym time, outdoor play, crafts, and a healthy snack. Qualified early childhood educators at each centre lead learning activities, including stories, music, art and free play to help children to develop physically, linguistically, socially, emotionally and cognitively.

Parents and caregivers will discover new ways to support their children’s learning at home, and can make valuable connections with others attending the centre.

StrongStart BC Early Learning Centres are located in school facilities and operate five days per week, for a minimum of three hours per day.  

The coffee is on, join us for a time filled with fun, meet other families, and share important early learning opportunities with your children - come and create a memory!

Kamloops Locations

Arthur Hatton Elementary
315 Chestnut Avenue
Phone:  (250) 376 7217

AE Perry Elementary
1380 Sherbrooke Avenue
Phone:  (250) 376 6224

Marion Schilling Elementary
2200 Park Drive
Phone:  (250) 372 2027

Beattie Elementary
492 McGill Road
Phone:  (250) 374 0608

Rural Locations

Barriere Elementary
4475 Airfield Road, Barriere
Phone:  (250) 672 9916

Haldane Elementary
530 Cottonwood Road, Chase
Phone:  (250) 679 3269

Raft River Elementary
801 Clearwater Village Road, Clearwater
Phone:  (250) 674 2218