Team 73

Team 73

Team 73 has a goal to raise funds to support extra-curricular programs in School District 73.  The “Team” is led by two retired teachers, Kevin Carswell and Jack Buckham who have more than 66 years education and coaching in schools and the community.   They realize how difficult it is for schools and families to afford the range of quality programs that occur beyond the classroom.  It is the vision of Team 73 that through coordinated fundraising from the community, students will be able to access additional athletic, leadership, and fine arts programs.

Donations will be held in trust at the School District.

Individuals and businesses are asked to visit the Team 73 website and consider making a pledge or donation to support their community.


Team 73 Fundraising


Kevin Carswell
Home: 1-(250)-372-0403


Jack Buckham