Information Technology

The Information Technology Department is responsible for the administration and maintenance of all technology services within the District.  From desktop computers,networks and infrastructure to applications and communications, and everything in between.


The Department is guided by a three-pillar axiom for all staff, students and individuals utilizing District technology.

To provide technology services that allow everyone to be aware of the technology, well versed in the technology, and confident in the technology.

To this end, the Department strategically leverages open source software to deliver engaging, reliable, and cost effective solutions supported by expert staff who share in this vision.


The Department's vision has evolved over the years in an attempt to transition ourselves from a primarily maintenance entity to one that provides services.

Computer Support

Computer SupportThe District offers a wide range of technology and technology support.  Please visit  Computer Support  to get help with with MyEdBC, Report Cards, Thin Client Computers, email, Smartboards, Moodle and Open Source Software.  You can contact our computer Service Desk at 377-4357 or create a Service Request Ticket.  You can also schedule personal or group training sessions.



Video Conferencing

Videoconferencing is an effective communication tool used to communicate and deliver course material.

District Internet Policy

District policy for all staff and students on the use of the Next Generation Network (NGN) infrastructure.

Open Source in Education

Open Source in Education

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Director of Information Technology
Network Operations Manager
Application Development Manager
WIFI/Video Conferencing Technician
WAN Specialist
Software Support Technician
Network Support Programmer
Distance Learning Support Programmer
Distributive Learning / IT Service Desk
Videoconferencing Technician
Software Support Technician
Software Support Technician
Software Support Technician
Software Support Technician
Software Support Technician
Software Support Technician
Hardware Technician