Tax Rebates

The Harmonzied Sales Tax (HST) of 12% is payable on the majority of purchases made by the school district.  As a School Authority the district qualifies for a rebate of 68% of the 5% Federal portion, and 87% of the 7% Provincial portion, resulting in a net rebate of 79.1% on the 12% HST. 

There are select Point of Sale (POS) rebates which qualify for a 5% tax rate at time of purchase.  This POS rebate applies to qualifying Books, Childrens Clothing, and Feminine hygiene products.

PAC Purchases

A PAC may purchase goods and services directly or acquire them through the School District. Advantages for a PAC to make use of the School District may include larger tax rebates; reduced paper handling, tracking of shipments; enforcement of warranty or terms and conditions; cost savings through bulk purchases, tenders and contracts; and delivery and set-up of goods (e.g. playground equipment).

Purchases funded by PAC are eligible for the HST rebates provided the purchases are made by the school district on an authorized purchase order and in accordance with established purchasing methods (including a competitive bid process). Principals must approve PAC purchases and code the purchase requisition to a recoverable account. The Finance Department will invoice PAC for the value of the goods purchased (or the portion of the purchase paid from PAC funds if a shared expense).

If a PAC purchases goods and services directly, the PAC is responsible for filing for applicable tax rebates.