Hospital/Homebound Program

The Hospital/Homebound program is directed to those students whose education is interrupted because of absence from regular classes over an extended period of time.

Program Goals and Objectives

The primary function of the Hospital/Homebound program is to provide direct educational instruction and support to those students who are absent from school for an extended period of time and to facilitate their re-entry into the school.

Target Population

Any student at any grade level may be eligible for service if confined to a hospital, home or rehabilitative institution for a period of ten days or longer (Ministry Guidelines).

Under certain circumstances, a student may receive Hospital/Homebound assistance if away for less then ten days.  Please check with the student's home school administrator to determine eligibility.

Students may be referred for the following reasons:

  • Illness - physical or psychological injury.
  • Suspension - with the exception of students attending Directed Suspension Class for drugs and alcohol.
  • While waiting placement in an alternate education program.

Homebound Service

The school has ownership of all students with whom the Homebound Teacher works.

In most cases, the Homebound Teacher acts as an agent of the student's classroom teacher(s) and the school. Therefore, the classroom teacher(s) would direct the educational program.

Classroom teachers are responsible for providing specific assignments: required text readings, questions, handouts, learning aids, tests and exams. The Homebound Teacher will pick  these materials up at the school, deliver the materials to the student and return the completed assignments to the teacher for marking.

The amount of instructional time that a Homebound Teacher spends with each student is determined by the needs of the student and the time available.

Hospital Service

The Hospital Teacher provides educational instruction to students who are confined to  Royal Inland Hospital or any other local medical institutions.

The Hospital Teacher visits the hospital regularly. The head nurse may, in consultation with the student’s doctor, refer students who are able to receive instruction from the Hospital Teacher.

Services provided by the Hospital Teacher include:

  • Direct instruction in the ward.
  • Liaison with the student's teacher, school and parent.
  • If necessary, pick up and return of instructional materials to the school.

Referral Procedures

District Support Services Referral Forms are available in each school office.  Referrals may be preceded by a consultation with the individual district support staff member to whom the referral is being made, preferably through the School Based Team.