SET-BC Services

Special Education Technology British Columbia (SET-BC) is a Ministry of Education Provincial Resource Program established to assist school districts in educating students whose access to the curriculum is restricted primarily due to the following disabilities:

  • Physical disabilities or chronic health impairments,
  • Visual impairments,
  • Dependent handicaps,
  • Deafness or blindness,
  • Autism spectrum disorders, and
  • Moderate to profound intellectual disabilities.

Services Provided

  1. To lend assistive technologies (reading, writing, and communication tools) where required to ensure students' access to educational programs, and
  2. To assist school districts in providing the necessary training for students and educators in the use of these technologies.

Referral Procedures

A teacher may refer a student to the school district's SET-BC committee. District Student Support Services Referral and Parent Consent Forms are available in each school office. Select Special Education Technology on the form. Once the referral is received, a follow-up form will be sent out to the teacher who initiated the referral. On that form, the teacher will briefly describe the educational goals that they believe technology would address for the student. The Ministry Category the student is in should be given, and a copy of the student’s Individual Education Plan should be included with the follow-up form. The teacher may be contacted for more information after this, or an observation of the student may be arranged.

Request for Service

If the student is chosen by the school district screening committee to receive SET-BC services, the school-based team will be required to complete a Request for Service form and a Screening Checklist.

Collaborative Action Plan

The school team will then take part in developing a Collaborative Action Plan with the SET-BC regional consultant. The meeting should be attended by the Learning Assistance Resource Teacher from the student's school and the main support worker who works with the student, if there is one. In addition, the classroom teacher and a representative from school administration should be present for at least part of the meeting. The SET-BC consultant will assist the team to determine what strategies and technology best meet the needs of the student.